Perfect for children and fun to read. I hope there are more Hank and Stella books in the future.

-George Gesouras


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The book has received plenty of positive feedback, thus far! See below for videos, reviews, blog posts, quotes, and more. Read an excerpt or click a logo/link for additional information!

"The story of two cute stuffed animals – Hank, a dog, and Stella, a bunny – who learn what improv is all about. There are even some fun improv games you can play with your kids at the back of the book."

Improv Nerd

Jimmy Carrane

"I have seen various books on how to do improv, but they have always been geared towards adults or older teens. Enter Something from Nothing by Damian Synadinos, a picture book that teaches children the principles of improvisation in a fun and engaging way."

Sloth Reads

Rebecca Herzog

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"The book is so cute! It is on my bookshelf with my other favorite books."

Age 9


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"[My kids] loved it. We started playing games right away. My daughters asked me to keep it in their room and I've seen them flipping through it since."


Joe Llorens

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"As an improviser who has gone through multiple training programs, this book really brings me back to the roots of improv.  What I love about this book is that, while it is for kids, is a fun read for adults, too.  It's quick-witted, sharp, and includes pairs of rhymes that work well together.  The idea of improv is so simple and yet so complex, and this story dives into this in an indirect way that doesn't distract but rather enhances the meaning of "yes, and" by teaching the foundation for children and providing a solid reminder for the adults (or the kid in you) how to approach improv and how to quite literally take "something from nothing."


Spencer Frankenberger

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"Discussing and practicing these improv 'rules' can help children develop their imaginations, play cooperatively, increase their confidence, and much, much more."

Guest Post

Raincity Librarian

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"Author and illustrator, Synadinos, playfully brings eight improvisational speaking rules to life."

Alumni Newsletter



"This entertaining book will be a welcome addition to your young reader’s library."


Proving Press

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"The Improv Book you didn’t know you needed. ... perfect for inspiring creativity at home or school."

Geek Reads Kids

Jennifer Naughton

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"I love the message in your book. It's fun, educational without being pedantic, and very inviting. The bonus activities to do on your own, and encouragement to make up new ones, is awesome and lets them start doing improv from the get-go."


Amy Carpenter

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August 10, 2019

Book Expo

Mid-Ohio Indie Author

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"Hank and Stella are a hit in the Palermo house. The boys gave 'I liked it's'. I liked it, too. You did a great job of introducing the 'prov basics."

Actor, Improviser, Trainer

Brian Palermo

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"And, by identifying and understanding my reasons for writing a children’s book, it helped guide me as I determined What to write about (improv – to be educational) and How to write it (as a picture book – to be entertaining)."

Guest Post

Frog on a Blog

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"The illustrations are sweet and fun. I love that Damian created thought bubbles so readers can see what Stella and Hank are describing. ...I am looking forward to sharing this book with my classroom."

Picture Books 4 Learning



"A fun story but also gives instructions on how to do improv which was a nice change from other children’s books. We even had to stop in the middle and try out our own improv."


Eren Alasyali

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"You managed to convey the concept of improv in a way children can relate to."


Roni Matzkin

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"Not just a picture book for kids. An important lesson for parents, caregivers and teachers."

Bob's Books Blog

Bob Docherty

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August 26, 2018

Local Author Festival


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December 9, 2018

Authors Book Sale



"This book is unique because it is a picture book about a term you wouldn’t see in a regular one."

Bridget & the Books Blog


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"I think it is an excellent tool for drama teachers. I may even use some of the rhymes for the University students I teach to help them remember the principles. As an educational tool, it is simple, clever, and well-explained."

University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg

Dr. Petro Janse van Vuuren

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