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A Book for Kids about Improv for Life


If you've got little people in your life & want to introduce them to the creativity and collaboration of improv, then this is the story for you to share. -Faye Thompson


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This book is extremely adorable! If you teach improv you probably want a copy of this on your book shelf!

-Rich Hilborn


Hello! My name is Damian Synadinos. I'm born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, the father of 2 wonderful kids, an improviser with 10+ years of experience, and the author and illustrator of "Hank & Stella in Something from Nothing".

Who are Hank and Stella? They're my kids real-life, stuffed-animal friends. Hank the dog and Stella the bunny have been by my kids side since they were babies. It doesn't matter where they are, Hank and Stella are never far.


And, Hank and Stella are also the stars of my book!


it is perfect for kids and Adults alike!

-Diana Wendruff

"Hank and Stella in Something from Nothing" is an engaging story with cute characters that introduces children to a few, fundamental improv "rules" - principles and skills that are as useful on stage as they are at play and in life.


The story takes place on a boring, grey, and rainy day as Stella the bunny and Hank the dog learn about improv and discuss focusing on the present, getting and exploring ideas, reacting to accidents and mistakes, the importance of practice, and the benefits of diversity. The story ends with Hank and Stella inviting the reader to join them in an improv show, and even includes a few silly, simple games to help get kids started making improv shows of their own! The book is written in rhyme and has plenty of bright, fun illustrations so kids will laugh while they learn.



If you have kids or you want to learn about improv yourself in a fun, easy, ANd digestible way, This book could be for you. -Patrick Prill


Like many kids, my kids love to read books, play together, and use their imagination. And, improv can help children develop their imaginations, play cooperatively, increase their confidence, and even conquer boring, grey, rainy days! However, there are very few improv books for kids, and no improv books for kids in storybook form. And so, I wrote and illustrated “Hank and Stella in Something from Nothing” to try and fill that void.


The book is great for teachers, too!

 I read this book with my child, Aarnav, and he endorsed it. :)

-Rajesh Mathur


Development of this book was partially funded through Kickstarter. I'm grateful for all the generous backers. Each donation, re-share, review, and encouraging word was truly appreciated! Thank you all!


Aarnav Mathur
Alex & Jake
Allen Rosu
Amy Angelilli
Anders Dinsen
Angelo & Dina Gesouras
Ben & Sophia Simo
Christopher Judd
David DeWees
Diana Wendruff
Elaina & Finn
Eric Anderson
Erik Davis
Esther S.
Frankie Lundy
George “Nugget” Gesouras

Giancarlo Caracuzzo
Gordon & Lisa
Hazel & Sienna
James & Zuri Haver
James Lyndsay
Jason Sudy
Jeffrey & Brandy Miller
Jose Tijam
Kate Steele
Kevin & Anna Brazel
Kosmas Synadinos
Laurent Bossavit
LeAnne Sinclair
Matt & Mindy Hutchison
Matt Newcomb

Nick Vlasidis
On behalf of Danger Dan!

Quinn & Addison
Rick & Nancy Neighbarger
Sol Synadinos
Steve & Loucenda Teter
The Abele/Hughes Family
The Hartongs
The John Zissis Family
The Mohr Family
The Preston Family
The VanZwietens
Travis Horseman
Walter & Morgan Nagel
Zack Kelly

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